12 Etudes Vol. I. Numbers 1-12 by Fr D Ric Chopin for Solo Piano (1832) Op.10

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Chopin - Revolutionary Etude (Op. 10 No. 12)

Try that every day. Posted by pathickey at AM 1 comments. Labels: Thanksgiving day. The first actor activist to appear in a starring role in American history was John Wilkes Booth. The man was an activist and shot Lincoln, stabbed Major Henry Rathbone when he attempted to stop the assassination, leaped to the stage of the Ford Theatre and shouted " Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Actors were considered social pariahs generally in the midth Century: drunks, sexual predators, lay-abouts and spongers. With exceptions of the few matinee idols, like Edwin and his brother Jogn Wilkes Booth.

Complete Preludes, Nocturnes & Waltzes

Actors were treated much like Mark Twain's rascals the King and the Duke in Huckleberry Finn ridden out of town on a rail after a judicious tar and feathering. John Wilkes Booth was not alone in his contempt for Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln got the Trump treatment from both sides of the Mason Dixon line and from Boys in Blue as well as Rebs in butternut grey.

The Irish Democrats voted against Lincoln , because they wanted a swift end to the draft and hated the Emancipation Proclamation which put them in hard competition with American blacks. The majority of the northern Irish-American community were loyal Democrats, supporting the party that had accepted them in the face of widespread discrimination during the s. Issues such as emancipation and the enforcement of the draft remained emotive for many in November of , particularly in New York. Election day finally arrived on 8th November, with Abraham Lincoln sweeping to a second term in office.

George M. Cohan notwithstanding. Hollywood loved mixing it up with political power. Our Republic, like the Roman Republic of Shakespeare's cycle-dramas which the Booth Brothers starred throughout the late 's to the Civil War, was a proud tradition of manly individualists, until it was beset by a string of patrician demogogues The Gracchi, Marius, Sulla, Cataline and Caesar all intent on one man rule to maintain the oligarchy. They succeeded - the jury is still out on the American - and the Empire took over with actors playing their parts. For the rare comedian who worked their way out of acting into writing, there was no promise of keeping that higher social status.

In 46 B. Laberius would face off against a Syrian ex-slave called Pubilius. Early 21st Century Americans have witnessed the power of celebrity and rise of the actor, clown, mime and player as political arbitrator and moral censor. Rome went its way, because everyone sold out. Actors helped make that purchase. Posted by pathickey at AM 0 comments.

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This handwritten missive came through my transom this morning. I must reply. It is the very least thing that I can do.

For Sixty-Six years, it has been my policy to regard women with awe, wonder and healthy dose of fear. Girls, you ain't got nothing to worry from old Patrick Francis. You gals send me! Your Devoted Slave, Pat Hickey. Posted by pathickey at PM 1 comments. Labels: Feminazis and happenin' babes. Rahm is out.

Twelve people want to be mayor. Less than a handful of them are qualified, but that matters not in Chicago. The only thing that matters in Chicago, Cook County of Illinois is the question, " How long can the string-pullers and money pavers endure some Yutz in any office? I would not ask most of them to cut my lawn and my lawn is disgraceful.

Now, Chicago sits on the cusp of another opportunity to wade through media muck and take seat on that celestial shoreline with a qualified human being in charge of an important political office. Garry McCarthy was Rahm Emanuel's 'out of town talent for police matters until he wasn't. Is he a good cop?

Some cops say he was good boss. Others, just a political hack. Lori Lightfoot is. Dorothy Brown is a whisper from an indictment. Willie Wilson is a self-made millionaire with the oratorical and rhetorical kills of Slip Mahoney. The latest entry into the lists is Jeremiah Joyce, Jr. I know Jerry and admire him. Joyce is smart without being a grafter; thoughtful without being a pest and caring without being Phil Ponce.

Joyce should be mayor and would do a damn fine job as mayor.


People will buy what they are selling. If voters want change, they can vote for a competent Chicagoan. The remaining months before the mayoral election will be uglier than home made soup. Labels: Dorothy Brown. WGN television and radio news is whoppie cushion serious. Yeah, me too.

I don't know what they are thinking. Disney and Emanuel Industries. There you have it. Now, about the Hateful Eight running against Rahm? One is a neighborhood person. Jeremiah Joyce, Junior. He is as smart as David Axelrod pretended Barack Obama to be and has the grades to prove it. Unlike Obama, Jerry Joyce is capable. That is something elected officials tend not to be. Therefore, the person with a chance to push Rahm Emanuel to one of the coasts again, where he belongs, before he and his omnivorous pals steal everything, is Jeremiah Joyce.

Jerry Joyce, like Jeanne Ives who almost toppled our billionaire Governor Bruce, can expect no coverage of his campaign for Mayor from Chicago's stooge media. Jerry Joyce should talk to Jeanne Ives about waking up those timid clowns.

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Nothing can change, or even diminish that fact. I thought John McCain was on the level , but that was back in , when he seemed to earnestly want to pull America out of the cactus of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as renew the American Spirit. I was wrong.

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  • John McCain wanted to be President, but he wanted to be fawned over by the corrupt American news media more. He got that. John McCain was tortured horribly by the Communists. I lost any illusion about John McCain the elected official in September , when the tanked economy and the Wall Street crisis compelled the laughably unprepared candidate to hand the election over to equally incurious Barack Obama.

    For eight years, McCain twisted like a pretzel for media attention and was rewarded with the election Donald Trump. I am saddened by the fatuous, but wealthy late senior Senator from Arizona. Both personalities will meet God. I wonder which one will pass muster. Posted by pathickey at AM 2 comments. Labels: Senator John McCain. Thanks so much. Cajetan's are doing great Cardinal Cupich has one swell pallium My car is almost ready to pass the Illinois Emissions Test!

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    Must be some serious, low-down, Trumpolicious bullshot dgoing down! It is not a a nuclear bomb. It is a a sparkler meant to put out the eyes of fair-minded people. Getting fair-minded people blinded is what Michael Pfleger is all about. Once people are blinded to his motives accumulation of power, money and media focus they depend upon others to lead them about in the darkness.

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    Fair-minded people blinded by Pfleger's sparklers go silent to his most egregious deeds and words and say things like, " Well, Father Mike really cares and has done great things for his people. Thought so. This latest stunt is meant to force politicians to bully business and philanthropy to peel off a few more millions for projects with Pfleger's imprimatur - nothing more.

    Full disclosure, I know Michael Pfleger and you can have him. He is a brilliant, calculating Munchhausen. If you were as 'afflicted and assaulted' as much as Pfleger, you would be pretty secure.