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I will make sure to bookmark your website. Hello there, I found your site by means of Google whilst looking for a similar topic, your web site got here up, it seems to be good. I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks. Thank you for the article, I found it very insightful — and just found out that my first fiction book was considered a Novel by word count! Can I ask how long your average Thriller book is? Easily one of the best blog posts out there on this topic.

Just starting to navigate this world and I really appreciate the level of detail you give. Thank you! Thank you for this article. Would you have any advice on how to price a book in the crafting genre? Your email address will not be published. The Definitive Guide to eBook Pricing. Ready to jump in? What Price Should You Choose? Either way, you can price a book based on a combination of any of these factors: Length Genre Marketing reasons Quality careful… Chances are, each of these things will play into your final pricing decision at least a bit.

Hardly ever. Here are some other things to keep in mind: 1. We now judge books by their cover. Consider in-book marketing. Use loss-leaders. Get reviews!

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Start high, move low. Ray on December 11, at am.

The only area I would differ with is, as a reader, the things I find most important when looking for books are: 1. Genre 2. Author 3. Description 4. Series or not 5. Price 6. Description 3. Series or not 4. Book cover 5. Nick Thacker on December 15, at pm. Ray on December 16, at am. Chihuahua Zero on December 11, at pm.

Iola on December 18, at pm. Nick Thacker on December 23, at am. Thanks, Scan2eBook. Mantra on December 19, at am. Mantra on December 25, at pm. Hi, The Star function to rate the comment. Trevor Reply. Nick Thacker on January 8, at pm. Hope that clears it up… Nick Reply. Not this one. This one. Haha, yeah — sorry, I was still unclear.

This is what I meant! HumanBeeing on March 20, at pm. Nick Thacker on March 27, at pm. Absolutely — thanks HumanBeeing! David Honaker on January 12, at am.

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Nick Thacker on January 17, at pm. Glad to hear it, David! Check out StoryCartel.

  1. My version of Ordeal by Cheque.
  2. Bilanzierung von Umwandlungen nach IFRS (German Edition).
  3. Jim Croce Anthology Songbook: The Stories Behind the Songs.

Kristopher Grows on October 24, at pm. Does a free reading site like StoryCartel. Peter Allerton on December 19, at am. Publishers vied with one another to produce the most attractive specimen, and hardly a city of any size in the country but sometime during the period added at least one to the number. Frederick Faxon has listed nearly two thousand different annuals and gift books, issued in English during the period, more than half of them in America, and there are volumes that escaped his notice.

In the London Athenceum, reviewing The Gift, could say, Fashion in literature and works in prose and verse when transplanted to America, continue there to circulate, and even to increase in influence, long after they are forgotten in England. Annuals that have seen their day with us are commencing it with them, But the annual in had ceased to be a power; the magazines had begun to come in strongly, and the gift books had become merely gift books — articles of merchandise sold not to readers, but to buyers of showy presents.

To make them profitable the publishers, and among them even the editor of The Token, had begun to take liberties with their customers that may fairly be called unscrupulous. The Magnolia for , for instance, between the 1 Gift Books and Annuals. Frederick Faxon. This never could have happened had the books been bought to be read, but after their first decade they seem to have exerted less and less influence upon the reading public. William Leete Stone in the preface of his Tales and Sketches, , notes that, " Although everybody buys the annuals, it is said nobody reads them.

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They only look at the binding and the pictures. At best they were a makeshift, a temporary relief during a transition period that was full of discouragement for the new liter- ary generation, but they played an important part during the brief time they were in power. They gave for the first time an adequate outlet for the writing of the new group, they paid prices that were remarkable, they insisted upon native themes and native authors, and thus helped to create a distinctively American literature, and they suggested and made possible the popular literary magazine which was to be such a power during the latter half of the century.

That they were but a temporary expedient, a bridge to something better, was recognized from the first. The American souvenirs were knocked on the head by an unlucky observation from a spruce gentle- man, who observed that they had not cost one-tenth as much as 'the keep- sake ' which had been got up at an expense of eleven thousand guineas. Ill Excluding the work of Irving, only three short stories pro- duced in America before have any merit as judged by modern standards: " Recollections," by Franklin Dexter, ; "The Adventures of a Watchman," by Dr.

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In , under the leadership of William Hickling Prescott, there had sprung up in Boston a club of congenial souls, for the most part young Harvard graduates, who, though already in their professions — theology, law, medicine — still had dreams of a literary career. The papers read before this club seem to have been so unusual that, as in the case of the Delphian Glub in Baltimore at about the same time, it was proposed to publish them in Sketch- Book-like numbers, Prescott to be the editor.

The result was The Club Room , the four numbers of which contain what to-day may fairly be classed with the curiosities of American literature. Reviewed by W. An account of the Delphian Club and its members may be found in Scharf 's History of Baltimore, page It begins in the sunshine: "The sun was hastening to a glorious setting as I gained the last hill that overlooks the forest.

It was gloomy and chill Late at night in the forest he comes to "a large and ruinous structure, which had once been a castle. The spirit of the place seemed to have infected its inhabitants. I entered a kitchen, whose extent I could not see by the dim firelight, and, having stirred the embers, sat down to warm me. The old man soon returned, and showed me up the remains of a spacious staircase, to a long hall, in a corner of which was my bed. I extinguished the light, and lay down without undressing; but the thoughts and scenes of the evening had taken strong hold of my mind, and I could not sleep.

He went to the window and looked for a long time out into the night coldly lighted by the moon, and then My attention was suddenly recalled by a low but distinct sound of some one breathing near me — I turned with a sudden thrill of fear, and saw nothing; and, as the sound had ceased, I readily believed it was a fancy.

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My calmness now forsook me, and as I turned fearfully back to the window, my hand brushed against the curtain whose deep folds hid the corner near which I was standing — the blood gushed to my heart with a sharp pang, and I involuntarily dashed my hands forward — they passed through against the damp wall, and the tide of life rolled back, leaving me hardly able to support myself. I stood a few moments lost in fear and wonder — when the breathing began again, and there — in the bright moonlight — I felt the air driven against my face by a being I could not see.

I sat down on the bed in great agitation, and it was a considerable time before I could at all com- pose my mind — the fact was certain, but the cause inscrutable. Watkins's Tales of the Tripod, "was taken," as the author explains in his preface, "from an anonymous German correspondent of the 'Lesefruchte. This, however, was no hoax: the tale is a faithful translation of Heinrich Zschokke's "Das Abenteuer der Neujahrsnacht.

It was the first bit of American fiction, original or otherwise, that has sprightliness of style, rapidity of movement by means of conversation, and sparkling dialogue. Good dia- 1 Undoubtedly Lesefruchte von Felde de neusten Literatur, gesammelt und herausgegeben von J.