Bean Stalk Hand Knitting Scarf Pattern

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Do you have written directions with pictures a person could take with them for travel, etc?

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Barbara rrpmexpres aol. I do have a PDF you can travel with.


Happy travels and arm knitting! Hi, Thanks for this DYS, craft, something new to try. I love to knit and know this will be enjoyable! Looking forward to more tutorials from you. Hi Priscilla, You can — but I would split the skein up into three equal parts and then knit with the three parts.

If you do split the skein, I would cast on fewer stitches so you get a full cowl. The tutorial looks really easy to follow. How can I get this pattern? Hi Roszeta, Definitely!

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You can do it! It is much easier to pick up that traditional knitting — less to fuss with. I also have book out right side bar that provides lots of helpful hints, photos and tricks! Um, no offense or anything but I didnt really quite get your method. I mean, you should add lots of pics instead of words.

I know one of you will tell me to watch youtube instead which is a pretty good choice but considering the facts that some people cant watch youtube due to weak signal, I came unto this website. I appreciate the crafts and also this website, I just feel that the way you explain isnt satisfying is all. Good job on the knits though! Theyre really cute. Keep an eye out for a class. Good luck learning how to arm knit!! Love the tutorial!

Is it possible to make a stripe coloured blanket using arm knitting? Thanks in advance and I just love this. Thanks so much April! Yes, you can add a stripe! You can change colors at the end of the row. Tie the two tails together with a knot. Weave the ends in at the end of the blanket — gonna be gorgeous!!

Welcome to Etsy!

II was wondering how long you make the scarf. Thank you your instructions are perfect.

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  6. Hi Roberta, Thanks so much! Let me know if you have any questions! Surely if I try knitting with my arms it must be easier? I was scrolling through Pinterest and saw a […]. They were well illustrated and easy to follow. Here are some pictures of our arm […]. Flax and Twine offers a nice photo tutorial.

    DIY Arm knitting- Infinity Scarf Cowl- BEST TUTORIAL!

    The hardest part is casting on much easier with practice. The possibilities are endless as long as a rectangle is what you want.

    I learn from this excellent tutorial at Flax and […]. Not a problem.

    vintage — Blog — Baroque Purls

    Click here to follow the tutorials from Flax and Twine. Because you are using your arms instead of knitting […]. Such a simple way to get the family together and easy to teach people. Learn How To Arm Knit […]. It took me a couple of times to understand how […]. Will you try your hand at arm knitting? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

    Email address:. Please see the Privacy Policy page for all details on our privacy policy. Your email will not be shared, sold or abused. You may unsubscribe or ask for your data to be deleted at any time. Part I: Casting On. Place all the ends together and treat it as if it were one strand of thick yarn.

    Before you start, make sure your yarn can unfurl from your skeins easily. You just accomplished the hardest part. Part 2: Arm Knitting. Part 3: Binding Off Arm Knitting. Part 4: Finishing Arm Knitting. Next Post. Comments Oooh, another excuse to buy yarn! I dont see anything like this. Thanksa for tut! Kiss from Serbia, Cale. Thanks so much Maria! I hope you do!! It is super fun! Here is what I would say: The best way to control the size of your stitches is to make sure you are minimizing the size of each loop of yarn you pull any given stitch.

    I hope I can do it??????