Before You Go: A Few Sneaky-Good Questions Every Minister Must Answer Before Moving to a New Church

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That we want to be with him at last and preach and live by his righteous good holy ways.

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Know and feel true love for each other and live the way God intended us to do so. The system has us blind and full of ignorance. Please open your eyes people and wake up. If we turn our backs on Jesus and on ourselves then how will we overcome Satan and the evil that surrounds us. Please you see a homeless person don't walk away. Help them with what you can. Even if its just a simple "God loves you" is more than enough.

Please dont lose humanity. Arlene be careful Therefore Michal the daughter of Saul had no child unto the day of her death. Here's why And as the ark of the Lord came into the city of David, Michal Saul's daughter looked through a window, and saw king David leaping and dancing before the Lord ; and she despised him in her heart. Bottom line is,praise dancing is not of God.. As a dance minister, I can safely say you are uninformed, unlearned and basing your article on human reasoning.

If you truly understand the gift of God you would be enlightened as to the role dance plays in praise and worship. Praise dance isn't a talent; it's ministry. But I guess you would probably come out as wanting to know what is ministry because you also don't grasp it. Psalms "Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel and harp.

Praising him in dance. If you knew the word you wouldn't be writing this nonsense.

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I didn't know a person can sound both straight It's not you're dislike of the Art but your racial undertones which is And I don't care if you're a woman of color. You was one of them evil females in school who wasn't worth much so you knocked others down. That's you. The Pastor's sermon is usually not spontaneous. It is usually planned out coming from careful study.

Yet the Lord would use it to minister to so many souls. However, the bible does teach us to be decent and orderly in the things we attribute to the spirit of God. This is for any area of ministry. Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others. Dance is worship as long as it gives glory to our God. As long as the arrow is pointed upward to heaven and not downward to man is true praise.

It is a matter of the heart.

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The problem is that too many of you unbelievers bring your own understanding and not what thus said the Lord into the mix. Dancing before the Lord is mention reconnected and acceptable unto the Lord over 19 Times. No it's nothing like the Pom Pom girls who did not make the cheerleading team. It is however ministry! If done correctly is should have all the elements of the preached word, sung hythms, and music ministries. It's not for entertainment and that's where the confusion lies. Praise dancing is a comment in servitude unto the Lord.

Now when I dance before the Lord it is to His glory. I don't practice I allow the spirit to pick the songs and to lead guide and direct me. You need to really study and show yours approved for His glory.

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Every church is different if you don't like it oh well don't talk about it or post about it. People like you irritates my soul.

To all the praise dancer out there continue to do what you do. BTW let this hater hate who clearly does not understand.

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I'm agreement Being a woman of God..! I do to think it is inappropriate for God!!! To read your negativity is just like Satan, you need to dance and pray more. But most of all you need to shut up for you know now what you say.

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If people are wrong today for swirling,jumping,or skipping in GOD'S prescence then so waa they. Well GOD said praise him in the dance didnt he? So their is scriptures to support praise dancing. I don't think all is doing it because they didn't make the cheerleaders team. Cheerleaders cheer and dance for a football team I concur with Dwona Louis. I also was thinking that if a preacher studies to perfect a sermon that he may reach GOD's people, I see nothing wrong with trying to reach the people through praise dance, whether choreographed or not. I believe dance is a gift from God. I am a freestyle dancer to praise and worship as well as any positive music, i.

Jidenna, Kendrick Lamar. I know this because God has given me this beautiful gift and although I have done and choreographed dances I am always in the spirit when ministering to Gods people. Just like a pastors perfects his sermon, this is true in my dance.

Every dance I ask for none of me to be seen but all of God To me choreographed dance is not about the moved so much but setting the atmosphere so that God can move, touch, uplift and so much more Where ever the spirit leads me that's where I go, so even when choreographed it could change. My personal favorite is freestyle. I love freestyle because I love for my God given gift to reach levels that are truly free.

I have done a song 10 different times almost exactly 10 different ways. I have done moves that are so perfect that only God could create. It's the most beautiful amazing feeling when God uses me to touch would in a positive and loving This is my view on Praise dance. God bless, have a blessed and positive day Queen. Okay but you have choir rehearsal and our praise garments are not tight if they are we will re order a bigger size and we don't shake pop thrust our hips or nothing.. I really believe that people are just stuck in they traditional ways but we server an untraditional God lol now that's a contradiction for you..

We usher in God's holy presence but people have they own opinion how ever God like his worship that's how he will receive it I have read your article on praise dancing.

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I understand your view about if it is hip moving thrust. But I do not agree with the excuse because it is practiced over and over again. Does the preacher not practice his sermon or the choir not practice their songs or the ones of play instruments not practice the songs to play. God gave people talent rather it be to preach, or sing, or play an instrument. He gave others the talent of dance, intetpitive dance, and even sign language. I am a praise dancer and have been for the past 20 years.