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I thought it was going to cover the basics but I was pleasantly surprised that it did that in the context of the internet age of eBusiness. Bob Hughes has excellent credentials and his background comes through in the book. The book is highly accessible. No customer reviews.

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Exploitation of labour

Factories here are coming under criticism for exploiting workers. This collection of valuable sound recordings has never been commercially exploited. These unfortunate people have been ruthlessly exploited. People exploit the system by lodging multiple appeals. The coal mine is no longer commercially exploitable. Examples of exploit. Although establishing new schools is not permitted, there is always a loophole that can be exploited.

From Cambridge English Corpus. Dickens, too, was quick to exploit the possibility of a mass readership. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. In approaching their prospects, network marketers enjoy the privilege of exploiting the element of intimacy by reducing the potential threat to their prospects' negative face.

It aggressively exploits the parallelism made possible by sending requests to multiple remote data sources simultaneously and by scheduling tasks to run on multiple processors. The semantics of the language is based on a translation, and it exploits abstract data types rather than polymorphic types and recursion. In that context, the evidence for language-selective performance may be understood as a default condition that occurs when initial conceptual selection processes can be exploited. This had a direct impact on the peace movement, which wanted to exploit those very consequences for the cause of disarmament.

Therefore, white-vented mynas probably preferred the green patches among residential buildings, as this may have allowed them to more efficiently exploit ephemeral anthropogenic food sources. Branching in computation is obviously costly both in time and in space and every effort should be expended to exploit deterministic execution patterns whenever possible. To exploit the information, we decided to use the two surveys as independent datasets, each with distinctive information about contemporaneous social exchange.

It falls to cantors to employ these variegated techniques within the given framework and to exploit multiple possibilities of ornamentation. We hope that this paper will go some way to raising awareness of the possibilities for exploiting this work. For one, postmodernists exploited the ironic possibilities of the colon.


The shortage of both labor and development capital restricted families to exploiting their land extensively by woodcutting, or through specialized farming, as in market gardens. The assumption of a simply typed base language is exploited in the inference algorithm in computing properties of variables. If you have efficient ways of sharing knowledge across the business, it will be more widely used and its value and effectiveness are likely to be maximised.

Consider the best ways of sharing new ideas and information with your staff. You may already have regular meetings when you can brief employees and ask them to share ideas and best practice. You could consider holding innovation workshops or brainstorming sessions at which staff are given the freedom and encouragement to think of ways in which the business could improve. It can also be a good idea to create a knowledge bank containing useful information and instructions on how to carry out key tasks.

Putting this on an intranet is ideal as it will encourage staff to post news or suggestions. Technology alone isn't the answer to sharing knowledge - it has to be managed carefully so that information is channelled properly. You may decide to appoint a senior manager as knowledge champion for your business.

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See the page in this guide on how to make knowledge central to your business. Remember that offering staff incentives to come up with suggestions for how the business can be improved is often an effective way of getting them to use and share knowledge.

Loopholes You Can Exploit to Cheat the System

Don't forget the importance of training in spreading key knowledge, skills and best practice across your business. If you want to get the most from your business' knowledge, you need to take a strategic approach to discovering, collating and sharing it. This is done via a knowledge strategy - a set of written guidelines to be applied across the business.

If your strategy is to be effective, you must make sure your senior managers are committed to it and are fully aware of the benefits it can bring. Discuss with them the best ways of collecting and using knowledge. For more information see the page in this guide on how to make knowledge central to your business.

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You should also identify the value of knowledge to your business. Think of ways you could exploit your knowledge for financial gain - perhaps by gaining a larger market share, developing new products, or selling or licensing your protected intellectual property to others. Ensure this fits in with your overall business plan.

Information technology offers powerful tools to help you gain and make the best use of knowledge. Some of the systems can be complex to set up and time-consuming to maintain. You need to choose systems that fit with your business and that will improve it without becoming a burden. You may find it useful to consult an IT specialist.

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You've probably done market research into the need for your business to exist in the first place. If nobody wanted what you're selling, you wouldn't be trading. You can tailor this market knowledge to target particular customers with specific types of product or service. Your files of documents from and about customers and suppliers hold a wealth of information which can be invaluable both in developing new products or services and improving existing ones.

What is a Competitive Advantage?

Your employees are likely to have skills and experience that you can use as an asset. Having staff who are knowledgeable can be invaluable in setting you apart from competitors.