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These friendships are priceless. For some ladies, that means God forbid one friend in the group favored someone else more than them. Being a quirky creative has left me doing a balancing act of sorts with my two personalities. The only thing is, somewhere along the way, the happy-go-lucky garden party girl slipped behind the scenes—or vanished altogether.

I miss her. The many similarities intrigue me. Scholars call it the love chapter. Friends are patient. Friends are kind.

Friends do not envy, keep no number of wrongs, and never boast. They encourage one another and keep no record of wrongs. Might we actually enjoy the unique essence of the people God wanted us—and them to be? The initial shock after answering a phone call, text, or Facebook post grips our hearts and sends waves of sorrow through our bodies. While the bible compares our existence here on earth to a vapor in the wind, I never spent much time pondering the thought.

Here today. Gone tomorrow?

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AKA heaven. I remember past hurricanes, tornados, and floods. Natural disasters might leave paths of devastation that resemble warzones. Acres of hundred-year-old majestic Oaks resemble bent or broken pitchforks. Cedars, like snapped toothpicks. Recovery can take decades.

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Losing loved ones and friends leave ugly scars on our hearts, but not our souls. Living life and choosing to reach for joy with every fiber of my being comes from a hope that surpasses all my understanding. This gift, He freely gives to all who receive it. I believe there is beauty and hope and joy after such storms. I remember how the word, goodbye left me with physical pain similar to a sucker punch in the stomach.

My gut wrenched. My husband and I never saw it coming, neither did the four hundred people at his funeral.

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Once back in Florida, the scorching heat and the reality of the avalanche about to hit, left me dry. When in serious flight mode, I searched for reasons to escape. The rev of jet skis, boat engines, and small planes will soothe my anxious mind. Without a doubt, my mountain retreat called my name—but family, friends, and deadlines and clients and opportunities to shine or receive rejections awaited my immediate attention.

Her recipe always soothes my weary soul.

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Neither does the other word. Happy is a much better word with endless possibilities—and probable parties. It fits. Her sissy, our Golden Retriever, Selah, passed June 7th. My emotions are raw. The pain is new. Or, is it becoming all too familiar? The realization. Handle with care. Faith is unlike fate or destiny or Karma.

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This takes more than a leap to trust with blind abandon. The thought of total assurance of a Father in heaven who loves us so much more than the best earthly father ever could might overwhelm the most faithful believer. Help me stay. Hold my hand…. He promised us friendship, unconditional love, and abundant life— if we believe, and endure in His way. We expect abundance and think joy is the absence of sorrow.