Fugue for Clavier in E Minor (BWV 945)

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BWV Inventions, Two-part BWV Inventions, Three-part BWV Duettos 4. BWV English Suite no. BWV French Suite no. BWV Suite in A minor. BWV a: Suite in A minor.

J S Bach - Complete Works for Organ BWV 525-1027

BWV Suite in E-flat major. BWV a: Allemande. BWV Overture suite. BWV Suite in B flat major. BWV Overture in G minor. BWV Suite in F minor.

Fugue in A major, BWV 950

BWV Partita no. BWV Suite in A major. BWV Suite in F major. BWV Fugue in A minor. BWV Prelude and fugue in E minor.

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BWV a: Fantasy. It began as a day of giving thanks and sacrifice for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year.

List of fugal works by Johann Sebastian Bach - Wikipedia

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    Walter Emery states "There are doubts about the authenticity of the scheme as a whole. If entirely authentic it represents a structural experiment unique among his organ works. At the end of the Fugue, Cooke wrote: "By the late Mr. John Robinson Organist Predecessor to B.

    Cooke had been associated with Robinson for twenty years and would have known he was no composer. Walter Emery posits every possibility including the slim one that Cooke had a hope of showing posterity his predecessor was a composer. To summarise, the reader must choose between two possibilities: That the Benjamin Cooke copy is an entirely genuine Bach composition. That someone came upon the Prelude and Fugue in C for organ, and the Trio in some form or other, decided to put them together, transposed the prelude and fugue and added the Adagio and Tutti.

    There would be a need for sufficient technique to play the demanding Trio; also the Westminster Abbey organ had no pedals until