Norfolk Murders (Sutton True Crime History)

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He had 68 people put to death in Bury St. Edmunds alone, and 19 hanged at Chelmsford in a single day. After Chelmsford he set off for Norfolk and Suffolk.

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This was at a time when the daily wage was 2. A heart carved on a wall in the market place at Kings Lynn is supposed to mark the spot where the heart of Margaret Read, a condemned witch who was being burnt at the stake, leapt from the flames and struck the wall. Much of Matthew Hopkins theories of deduction were based on Devils Marks.

Matthew Hopkins, Witch Finder General. From a broadside published by Hopkins before There were other tests for witches.

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Mary Sutton of Bedford was put to the swimming test. With her thumbs tied to opposite big toes she was flung into the river. If she floated she was guilty, if she sank, innocent. Poor Mary floated! Osyth, Essex , in Two female skeletons were found in a garden, pinned into unmarked graves and with iron rivets driven through their joints. He left his car in the parking lot, which his family said was unusual, as he usually took his car when meeting with customers away from the office.

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Swindon is a large town in the county of Wiltshire, South West England, about km or 78 miles west of London. With a population of about thousand people, it has one of the lower crime rates in the country. Sian was a bubbly, friendly, caring and loving girl, instantly likeable, beautiful and considerate. On the evening of the 18th of March , Sian had a night out with some friends in the Old Town area of Swindon. At am on the 19th of March, Sian was captured on security footage leaving Suju nightclub alone.

She shared a flat with her boyfriend, Kevin about meters away from the club. Sian never made it home. It will not be suitable for all listeners. Day was given his first parish in at Colac. He transferred to numerous parishes around Victoria, before being sent to Apollo Bay, a coastal town in Southern Victoria.

Denis Ryan joined the Victorian police force in He had a strong Catholic faith and was a regular church goer with his family. Out of the academy, he was sent to Russell Street police headquarters where he did various duties and learned the ropes of policing. All new recruits were sent to Russell Street at the time.

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It was St Kilda was known as the red light district area of Melbourne at the time. Denis had been a police officer for four years. Father John Day had been a Catholic priest for 29 years. Day was in charge of the Apollo Bay Parish but had found his way into St Kilda for the night, about a 2 hour and minute drive away from home….

South Lake Tahoe is a small town that stands over 6, feet above sea-level between the Nevada and Californian border in the United States.

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Surrounded by mountains, the picturesque landscape attracts thousands of tourists both in winter and summer. With a population of around 20, people, everyone knows each other. And back in , most would have agreed it was a safe place.

The s was the decade that saw the birth of the suburban dream in Australia. It was a time where employment levels were extremely high and there was a very good standard of living across the country. The economy was booming, which is what made it so attractive for hundreds of thousands of people to migrate here after World War II. The Holmes family was one of many who moved to Australia from England after the war.

They came here to escape the destruction, to a place they thought would be much safer and would offer a better quality of life. NOTE: The interviews played in this episode are a re-enactment of actual transcripts.

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Detective Whalen played by Sam McCool. William Birtle played by Craig Forest. Ten years before the Claremont serial killings, the disappearance of four women from around Perth, some from the same Highway the Claremont victims were abducted from, hardly raise any media attention. It was thought they were probably just runaways. There was no task force, no press conferences, no posters or billboards and no rewards.

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The city of Perth is the capital of Western Australia. It is one of the most remote cities in the world. Adelaide is the closest city, which is a 3-hour flight away. Claremont is an upmarket, ritzy suburb of Perth. It is a place of trendy bars, nightclubs and cafes. A popular place with the young crowd.

A place where you went to have fun. People would tell you that nothing bad could ever happen in Claremont. That all changed on Friday the 26th of January, Categories general true crime. All Episodes Archives. Case The Moors Murders Part 1 0. Its immensity is both daunting as well as fascinating. Download this Episode. Case Suzy Lamplugh 0. Case Yara Gambirasio 0. Case Port Arthur 0. Case Peter Falconio 0. Case Keith Warren 0.

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MUSIC 1. Case Sherri Rasmussen 1. They went on a date and instantly hit it off. But tragedy was waiting. Case Lisa Marie Young Update 1. This is an update on the Claremont Serial Killer case in Case End of Year Message 0. He also claimed burglars have targeted his now derelict farmhouse, Bleak House, again. I want freedom for people who are decent.

The appeal is expected to set out analysis of the original probe and concerns over forensic evidence, the trial and appeal. I see things more clearly than the establishment. Mr Martin was in Lincolnshire for a farming show last year when he sought out the grave of Barras, from Newark. He said he did. I suppose I made my mark too but my mark came about simply because I happened to live in a house. Barras did what he wanted to do. He had a short life. Seeing the photo and reading about him, he seemed a happy sort of lad. In August , Mr Martin was charged with murder, attempted murder, wounding with intent to cause injury and possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life.