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On the frontline of the battle field between good and evil, exists a ball park that can only be visited through possession of an antique baseball glove or the finality of life changing events and decisions.

It is truly a no man's land and the location where a bond of eternal friendship is forming, between a ball player, who fell short of his dreams, and a young prospect, who eagerly wants to achieve his. One has made a life changing mistake and wants a second chance or at least a shot at absolution, while the other is oblivious to the forces of good and evil that are literally tearing his soul apart.

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Will these two lost souls find their way to the promised land, or will the forces of evil prevail? There's a war going on and they play for keeps. Reviews from Goodreads.

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I felt homeowners would benefit from knowing what was happening in our new community as the builder turned it over to homeowners. The Magic Glove is self published and can be found on Amazon at www.

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