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The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar reveals that Scar was once the leader of the titular group and, like his great-nephew Kion, once possessed the Roar of the Elders. Scar lost the Roar after using it to destroy the other members of his Lion Guard, as the Roar is meant to be used for good and not evil. In season 2 of The Lion Guard , Kion unknowingly summons Scar back as a fiery spirit in a volcano after using the Roar in anger when Janja the hyena provokes him. Scar then conspires with the animals in the Outlands to take over the Pride Lands and defeat the new Lion Guard and Simba, who were initially unaware that Scar had returned.

Later in the season, Kion and the guard find out that Scar has returned while they are in the Outlands getting volcanic ash needed to cure Simba from a scorpion sting. The name "Mufasa" has an unknown origin, previously attributed to a fictional language called Manazoto. Mufasa is depicted as a just, wise, and responsible leader, a gentle but firm father, and strong and fierce protector when sufficiently provoked. In The Lion King , he teaches Simba on what a king is supposed to be, and how the king is responsible for protecting and maintaining the delicate balance of the ecosystem, and mediate problems between its creatures.

However, Mufasa later dies after being thrown into a wildebeest stampede by Scar while rescuing Simba. He returns years later as a ghostly apparition in the clouds to help an older Simba return to the Pride Lands and remember who he truly is. In the sequel, he instructs Rafiki to bring Kiara, Simba's daughter, and Kovu, Scar's heir together to reunite the two lion prides. According to Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff, they knew that Jones' voice was powerful and similar to the roar of a lion. Jones is scheduled to reprise his role in the upcoming live-action adaptation of the film directed by Jon Favreau.

Sarabi voiced by Madge Sinclair in the first film, Alfre Woodard in the live-action film is Mufasa's mate, Simba's mother and Kiara and Kion's paternal grandmother.

Her name means " mirage " in Swahili. Years after Scar usurps the throne, Sarabi helps Simba fight against Scar and his hyenas. She does not reappear in the sequel, or the animated series, most prominently due to her voice actress Madge Sinclair's death a year after the original film so it is unknown whether she lived to see the birth of her grandchildren, or died after the events of the original film. Sarafina voiced by Zoe Leader is a lioness who is Nala's mother, Simba's mother-in-law and Kiara and Kion's maternal grandmother.

She is first seen sleeping inside Pride Rock with Nala and the rest of the pride. She later cleans Nala before the latter leaves to go to the Elephant Graveyard with Simba. She makes her final appearance mourning the loss of Mufasa and Simba, unaware that Simba is still alive. It is likely that Sarafina, much like Sarabi, died sometime before the events of the sequel and the series, as they do not appear, despite Zoe Leader not dying until 10 years later , but it is also likely that she makes a cameo appearance in the sequel.

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After Mufasa's death, Zazu becomes a prisoner of Scar before Pumbaa breaks the bone cage releasing him when Simba returns to the Pride Lands. He eventually acts as a scout and advises Simba on royal protocol. In the episode "Zazu's Off-By-One Day", he is shown to be responsible for counting the population of the animals. In the musical, Zazu is a puppet controlled by an actor dressed in blue striped clothes and a bowler hat, much like a stereotypical butler.

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  • Zazu's blue feathers have been replaced with white and the puppet is partially constructed from parachute silk with a slinky contained in the neck for ease in movement. He lives in a baobab tree in the Pride Lands and performs shamanistic services for the lions of Pride Rock.

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    He's also shown to be a great martial artist. In The Lion King , Rafiki is introduced in the opening scene when he travels to Pride Rock to perform newborn Simba's presentation ceremony.

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    During the film, Rafiki sings a nonsense chant: "Asante sana, squash banana, wewe nugu, mimi hapana. Rafiki travels to the jungle where Simba lives with Timon and Pumbaa, and teaches him lessons about learning from the past: "Yes, the past can hurt but, the way I see it you can either run from it, or learn from it" and then whacks him with his stick.

    During the battle for Pride Rock, Rafiki saves Simba from Banzai by whacking him with his stick, while fighting many more hyenas.

    At the end of the film, Rafiki presents Simba and Nala's newborn cub. In the sequel The Lion King II: Simba's Pride , Rafiki is more closely involved with the affairs and politics of the pride and is often seen with the lions. Mufasa's spirit persuades him to bring Simba's daughter Kiara and Zira's son Kovu together as a way of uniting the Outsiders with the pride.

    Rafiki tries to make them fall in love by singing to them about a place called "Upendi", which means "love" in Swahili. In the end, he blesses the union of Kovu and Kiara, and Kovu is welcomed into the pride. In the musical, the character of Rafiki was significantly modified.

    Because director Julie Taymor felt that the story lacked a strong female character, Rafiki was changed into a female mandrill and sangoma. She acts as narrator throughout the story, at one point speaking to the audience in a click language for comic effect.

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    She sings the opening song " Circle of Life ", a keening song called "Rafiki Mourns" following Mufasa's death, and a brief part in Nala's song "Shadowland", when she blesses Nala for her journey to find help. Rafiki finds Simba and shows him that his father lives on in him through the song " He Lives in You ". She is present during the battle, fighting a hyena, and adorns Simba with the king's mantle after his victory; the play ends with her at the presentation of Simba and Nala's newborn cub. Rafiki serves as a supporting character in the Timon and Pumbaa TV series, as well as a main character of said series as he has his own segments called "Rafiki Fables", where his shamanism is expanded.

    In the episode "Good Mousekeeping", it is revealed that Rafiki can grant wishes and can even take some of the wishes back. In another episode "Rafiki's Apprentice", Rafiki's stick is revealed to have magical powers. He explains to his nephew Nefu voiced by Tahj Mowry that the gourds on his stick are powerful for his magic. Rafiki serves as a recurring character in The Lion Guard , and takes on an apprentice named Makini in season 2.

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    After Scar promises them and the rest of their fellow hyenas that they will have food, the three hyenas trigger the wildebeest stampede and chase Simba out of Pride Rock. The three turn on Scar when the latter tries to blame them for Mufasa's death and the ruin of the Pride Lands, and lead the rest of the hyenas into eating him alive during a wildfire, before running off. They are given their own segments titled "The Laughing Hyenas", where they wander around the Serengeti looking for food.

    At the end of the episode "TV Dinner", the hyenas replace television host Martin Pardon, which may indicate that they are living a new life as directors and stars of the wildlife documentary show Kingdom of the Creatures , where they get fed during their new career. In later seasons, they made minor appearances. However, in the original draft of the sequel, Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed were going to return as Zira's henchmen, with Cheech Marin reprising his role as Banzai from the original film, for the sequel.

    Yet they were cut, presumably due to Scar's death being at the hands of the hyena trio. The fate of the 3 hyenas is unknown. In The Lion Guard, the three hyenas do not return, but we see new hyenas, lead by Janja. It is noted that these new hyenas are descendants of the hyenas from the original film. While Shenzi will appear in the live action film , Ed will be renamed Azizi who will be voiced by Eric Andre. Banzai will be renamed Kamari who will be voiced by Keegan-Michael Key. In the original draft of the film, the hyenas were African wild dogs , referred to as "Cape dogs" in the film.

    Gopher voiced by Jim Cummings is a gopher who works for Zazu as an informant. In the film he is seen warning Zazu that the hyenas have invaded the Pride Lands. His scene is expanded in the special edition. He appears during the song The Morning Report and is spotted by Simba who tries to pounce him, but Gopher pops back inside the dirt.

    Gopher reappears, trying to get Mufasa's attention, but Simba notices him again, to which the gopher hides back in the dirt. For the third time, Gopher reappears near a small rock, and Simba notices him again to try to pounce him, Gopher disappears to which Simba hits his head on the rock. He acts as Zazu's primary lieutenant, even sharing Zazu's home within a large tree.

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    He is seen reporting to Zazu on the movements of elephants.