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Enter your location for pricing and availability, click for more info for pricing and availability. Memoirs accessories with Stately design offer a refined elegance for your bath or powder room. With clean lines and soft curves, the Memoirs Suite is inspired by classic architecture. No Reviews.

Recommend this product. Have an opinion? See, another time we went out of budget for a cleaners treat. These occasions usually occur before unexpected houseguests, so that we can delude these friends that we are not slobs. I left the cleaners to do their thing, then returned home to the noxious scent of a cheap hooker. One in dire need of an olfactory system transplant. This confirmed my suspicions that cleaning a lot of houses with powerful toxins has rendered the noses of many cleaners basically dead zones.

Because the smell of Fabuloso is so not fabuloso; rather it is so vile, toxic and lung-searing, that I had to fumigate my house when they left, re-cleaning with something more mainstream. We occasionally hired a cleaning company managed by a country gal from West Virginia who was under the impression that if you added enough vowels, very loudly, her Spanish-speaking Salvadoran workers would understand her implicitly. I suppose I could turn this clean-house resolution on its head by suggesting the one around here most desirous of the spic and span mode perhaps pony up as well.

Kim Stagliano and I go wayyyyy back. We were cutting our teeth in this business at about the same time.

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Regal, majestic, easy to use and sturdy. A perfect compliment to the other Memoirs Hardware in my newly renovated bathroom.

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KOHLER | W | Memoirs toilet roll holder horizontal | KOHLER

I bought this faucet for my 2nd home in Kentucky almost five years ago, and I haven't regretted it. You can tell this bad boy is top-of-the -line. Not only that, but if you were ever to have any kind of a problem, a replacement part is airmailed to you, no questions asked. I can't say enough about this faucet.

You simply won't find a higher quality fixture, period! Steinberg New Jersey.

Kohler Memoirs Stately K-490-2BZ Oil Rubbed Bronze Toilet Tissue Paper Holder

I researched information for quality faucets and found that the ones made of brass inside the faucet, not the visible finish hold up in the long run. This was to replace a faucet that was less than 7 years old - bought that one for looks, not realizing the differences. So, I am now more familiar with what you are getting for the price, and I'm happy with how this functions, and, also, love the look of it.

The one I originally had was a Moen with plastic insides - less expensive Moen also makes higher quality at higher prices but I was searching for looks AND durability. Only 3 left in stock - order soon.

When You Run Out of Toilet Paper

My husband and I wanted a bit of a different look for the master vanity because it was custom made in cherry wood with ebony stain. We have a large 72" area with a mirror the same size and we purchased a frame to put around the mirror with the same square design as the sink. It couldn't look better and cleans beautifully. My only comment would be that the corners are sometimes tough to clean and you have to make a special effort to get the water up there. We have 2 as I cant find the prior one I bought for all our bathrooms.

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