Traffic Tickets: How to Keep Them Off Your Record

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Don’t you dare pay that traffic ticket! Three reasons to fight your ticket. | Traffic Tickets

The fines, surcharges, and possibly reinstatement fees make it incredibly expensive to drive. But what about insurance? Traffic convictions affect your ability to afford auto insurance. Even one 2-point assessment i. A good percentage of the time, police officers do not remember issuing your citation. If the ticket has the wrong address, the case gets dismissed. But even if the officer remembers, prosecuting attorneys are willing to offer us better deals for our clients.

Paying Tickets Doesn't Keep Your Record Clean

For example, you might end up with a reduced fine, deferred adjudication, or community service instead of payment. Even if you choose to fight it yourself, your chances are good for a favorable result.

El Paso police officers write thousands of citations per month. Just snap that ticket with your phone and send it to our office. Additional costs apply to tickets in other municipal or Justice of the Peace courts. Three reasons to fight your ticket. Still ready to raise hell at muni? We applaud you! But one last word of warning. Convictions hurt you. Fines, surcharges, and suspensions, oh my! Your chances are good in court. Red light violations, accidents, speeding. Search for:. Your driving record: what the heck are points and why do I care?

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How to get a speeding ticket off your record?

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Your insurance company may raise your premiums. Even if you believe you might be guilty, Texas law requires the City to prove to a judge or jury that you committed the offense. We will use our professional experience and skills to try to have your ticket dismissed. If we cannot get your ticket dismissed and your ticket is for a moving violation, we can probably get you into a defensive driving program which, if you successfully complete the course, will reduce the amount you have to pay the City and allow you to keep a conviction off your driving record.

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Attorney John L. Williams has been a licensed attorney for over 25 years and is a former associate municipal court judge with the City of El Paso, TX. You will probably have to take time off of work and wait in long lines. If you plead not guilty, your case will be assigned to a different court requiring you to attend another hearing in downtown El Paso don't forget about the hassles of finding parking in that area!

If you hire an attorney to represent you, you will never have to appear in court unless specifically asked to because we will appear on your behalf and if you choose to hire us, you can hire us and pay online with a credit card or debit card securely through PayPal without an account!