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Under the pressure the injected water is fracturing the pores and unlocking the natural particles. From this discovery the drilling companies investigated all the methods to:. Then the pair of horizontal wells came to optimize the impact of the steam and the collect of the oil and gas. For more information and data about oil and gas and petrochemical projects go to Project Smart Explorer.

Name required. But unconventional expeditions were not the only pleasures that Martine shared with her father. Content related to unconventional Wednesday Addams Read more in this article about some frequently asked questions and fun facts related to our definitions. Luna Lovegood Read more in this article about some frequently asked questions and fun facts related to our definitions. Words related to unconventional unusual , eccentric , atypical , offbeat , individualistic , bizarre , unique , unorthodox , original , idiosyncratic , avant-garde , beat , crazy , far-out , freakish , individual , informal , irregular , kinky , nonconformist.

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Unconventional politician Antanas Mockus. Mockus became known for the more absurd elements of his administration, the use of mimes to mock traffic violators stands out as a strategy, but more importantly, while his ideas may have been often wrapped in a certain absurdity, he brought politics down to an incredibly local level and encouraged citizens to take charge of their own part in making the city better.

A complicated mix of ideologies, he supports both a strong government role in society and cutting the public payroll.

This is perhaps the best explanation of his unique approach: the attempt to fuse the individualism of the right with the government assistance of the left. Irreverence for expectation, for the established norms of the political arena, has not always been quite so wholesome. And, more worryingly, the extent to which it has managed to break political norms with little to no negative consequence.

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Trump is an easy target, for so many reasons, but, as awful as he is, he is incredibly important. Not just in that he is probably the most powerful world leader, but that, at least in modern history, there have been few presidents who have come even close to treating the presidency in a similar manner, let alone getting away with it.

Iran sells oil through unconventional means: Oil minister

I think that fear and anger work better for Republican voters than they do for Democratic voters. However, while populism has largely gained headlines for the negative side of things Trump, Brexit, Marine le Pen , it has also served in the US to spark the emergence of an almost shockingly engaged, grassroots protest movement on the left. I still believe that.

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