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Rahm was also close to driving out of bounds at the 18th hole, too, and needed to take a drop. He holed from 20 feet for an unlikely par while Willett got up and down from a greenside bunker for a birdie to match his playing partner's 4-under It was not the finish I was looking for - I might have lost a bit of focus, looking into the future instead of staying in the present.

Rahm was among the players who waited beside the 18th green on Friday as Spanish compatriot Jose Maria Olazabal completed his 25th and final appearance in the event.

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Willett recovered from a bogey on the first, making six birdies to remain on track for a seventh European Tour title - and a first on home soil. In a new world order that included the nations of Latin America, countries were only required to exercise their sovereignty by providing for internal order and by appointing representative officials for the conduct of affairs that concerned relations with other nations.

This was an extremely delicate political issue that had implications for national unity and identity, as indicated in my previous comments on national language, education, and history. But Bello was able to demonstrate that there was little to lose, and much to gain, from the recognition of independent nationhood by the former empire. For one thing, Latin America was still outside the pale of international law, and other European nations could support Spain, as in fact they did, in its search for what it considered legitimate claims.

There was also the matter of the benefits to be accrued by trade and other exchanges in a context of peace. At any rate, the very rationale for reestablishing relations between Chile and Spain, which materialized in , Mexico and Spain reestablished relations earlier, in was part of the larger project of securing the position of the Latin American republics on a firm international legal basis.

His thoughts on the desirability of a Latin American congress—although partly dismissed later as experience proved the difficulties of balancing national and supra-national interests—also reveal Bello's emphasis on the search for international arrangements sustained by the rule of law.

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The search for this legitimate international position was not unrelated to internal order. Countries would not be able to deal with other nations without a political system that was legitimate and ensured accountability. Bello's view of internal order, however, went beyond the achievement of a strong government able to impose its will on the citizenry. Bello hoped that order would be internalized in the form of civic virtue and practice. Order could not be achieved if the laws were not seen as just and beneficial, and were consequently not observed, or if governments were expected to move the country forward without the understanding and support of the larger society.

Bello's Codigo Civil was prepared with the aim of reducing the areas of conflict most likely to engage the citizenry and therefore threaten both the internal and external components of the larger vision. The very structure of the work, which occupied him for more than twenty years, reveals a search for clear rules and regulations to guide the conduct of complex, yet central, human affairs.

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The major areas covered in the 2, articles of the Civil Code include i definitions of personal status marital, national, residential, juridical, etc. That is, the multiplicity of daily human affairs whose lack of attention had led either to litigation without uniform results, or simply neglect and abuse. Latin American nations up to the promulgation of the civil code only had the old imperial legislation to deal with the changing realities of independent nations that were in addition more complex and more a part of the larger world. Bello's work provided a precedent and a model for other nations to follow.

Bello's Codigo Civil is justly considered a masterpiece because it in- Introduction li volved a compilation and elaboration of numerous sources, from modern legislation to traditional Hispanic documents, in order to respond to peculiar national conditions. While the work called for civil legislation covering a number of private issues, it still provided recognition to the Church on matters of marriage.

A union that was acceptable to the Church was also legitimate for civil law. Just as in his other intellectual endeavors, Bello made sure that tradition and change would be reconciled, that the guiding elements of the new political order would combine the best civil legislation of the past with the best of the present, and that there would be a role for religion. Bello's civil code was promulgated into law in , and although modified in several parts, it continues to be used today, in Chile and elsewhere, a testimony to the applicability of its central principles.

Conclusion The massive extent and variety of Bello's writings are only superficially difficult to assess. The fundamental motive for Bello's intellectual activity was the achievement of order, which he explored from at least three angles: individual, national, and international. In the process, he invited the reconciliation of ancient and modern traditions, religious and secular thought, and argued in favor of a strong yet liberalizing state that instilled civic virtues through education in the larger population so that representative government could be predictable and self-sustaining.

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Bello's position in the history of Latin America is strong and secure, but unfortunately misunderstood. There are numerous examples of esteem for Bello's contributions. There are also deserved tributes to his scholarly stature and his poetic achievements. But there is little reflection, especially in English, about the relationship between Bello's intellectual production and the fundamental issues of that critical period in Latin American history: the creation and consolidation of nationhood.

This is certainly a historical concern: we need to better understand Bello, and we need to better understand the intellectual and political history of Latin America.

Where Love Endures (Bello) Book

But the issue of how to respond to change and construct appropriate institutions and arrangements goes beyond the field of history; it relates to the resources that intellectuals at all times have mustered, often in very creative ways, to offer solutions to contemporary problems.

That he would go back to the medieval chronicles— and even farther back to Roman law—to construct one of the most enduring blueprints for order and stability in the nineteenth century, reveals a great deal about the ingenuity of Bello and the resources offered to him by a humanistic tradition.

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The following selection will illustrate both the richness and variety of Bello's thought, as well as the complexity of the issues involving the process of national consolidation in Latin America. NOTES 1. Ramirez, ; Rafael Caldera, Andres Bello 7th ed. Caracas: Editorial Dimensiones, Among the most lucid studies of Bello's various intellectual endeavors is Pedro Grases, Estudios sobre Andres Bello, 2 vols. Barcelona: Editorial Seix Barral, See also John V. The England that Bello encountered upon arrival in London, and much of the background to independence as well as British policy to it, has been described by William Spence Robertson, The Life of Miranda, 2 vols.

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New York: Cooper Square Publishers, Caracas: La Casa de Bello, See also John Lynch, ed. Dissertation, Tulane University, They have been collected in vol. Bolivar's frustration at the imminent departure of Bello can be seen in his letter to Jose Fernandez Madrid dated April 29, , included in Bello, Obras, vol. Bello carried the primary responsibility for writing the articles of the Gaceta between and ; that is, the period from the Napoleonic invasion of the Iberian peninsula to the establishment of local governments in the colonies.

Dupuy, Marcelino Menendez y Pelayo did not consult these notebooks, but learned about Bello's scholarship on Spanish medieval literature through Miguel Luis Amunategui. It was Menendez y Pelayo's impression that Bello had anticipated much of the research that would be conducted later in the Spanish peninsula. Madrid: Editorial Castalia, Buenos Aires: Editorial Losada, Dissertation, University of Wiscousin-Madison, Volumes 21 and 22 of Bello's Obras Completas compile Bello's writings on education. See also O. It was reprinted in his Miscelanea Historica y Literaria, vol.

The historiographical implications of this debate have been amply covered by Allen L. Pedro Grases points out that in addition to his studies in medieval literature, Bello produced an important historical piece, the Resumen de la Historia de Venezuela See his discussion of this work in his Estudios sobre Andres Bello, vol.

Bello's historical works have been included in vol.

Where Love Endures (Bello) Book

Bello's involvement in the writing of the constitution is suggested by Diego Portales, who was well positioned to know, in a letter to Antonio Garfias dated 3 August Stanford: Stanford University Press, , Vida de don Andres Bello. Santiago de Chile: Imprenta Pedro G.

Ramirez, Barros Arana, Diego.

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Un decenio de la historia de Chile, !. Santiago: Imprenta, Litografia y Encuadernacion Barcelona, Bello, Andres. Obras completas de Andres Bello. Caracas: Fundacion La Casa de Bello, — Bethell, Leslie, ed. Spanish America After Independence, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Bushnell, David, and Macauley, Neill. New York: Oxford University Press, Caldera, Rafael. Andres Bello.

Trans, by John Street. Collier, Simon. Ideas and Politics of Chilean Independence, — Cussen, Antonio. New York: Cambridge University Press, Feliu Cruz, Guillerrno. Andres Bello y la redaccion de los documentos oficiales administrativos, internacionales y legislativos de Chile. Estudios sobre Andres Bello. Santiago: Fondo Andres Bello, Fundacion La Casa de Bello. Bello y Caracas. Caracas: Fundacion La Casa de Bello, Bello y Londres. Bello y Chile.