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The mystery of who Lizzy is and why she is unable to recognise her face was thrilling. You're asking yourself questions along with her - how? The discovery of who she is and what has happened is very well done and pretty engrossing. However, this book is heavy on the narrative.

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There is not a lot of interaction between the hero and heroine in real time during the first part of the book. But it's not until well into the second half of the book that the protagonists get together in present time. The dialogue then picks up significantly. The suspense takes up the major part of this book. While at times some plot points require a major suspension of belief, the story is nevertheless thoroughly entertaining.

Unlike contemporary romances I am much more forgiving with implausible plot turns and general lack of believability in romantic suspense. There is a nice twist towards the end. As usual there are some touches of trademark Linda Howard humour - view spoiler [ He turned the bottle so she could see it. Will it make my hair stand straight out, and I'll understand the universe better?

You need that manly-man stuff down there. This is more like 3. In my opinion Shadow Woman is better than her last three or so titles.

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And I would still recommend it to Linda Howard fans and fans of romantic suspense. Steam: 2. View all 83 comments. Nov 13, Tammy Zautner rated it it was ok. Ok, I really really hate having to leave negative reviews. Especially for an author I adore. One of my favorite books by her is Mr. Perfect, and sits on my 5 star shelf, so please don't let this review stop you from checking out Mrs. Howard's writing. She is a wonderful writer. Unfortunately, this book was just not one of them. I had to force myself to finish. It started out very confusing, and took awhile for the story to start making a bit of sense.

There was maybe 15 lines give or take a few of actual dialogue between characters. The first half was about the heroine trying to figure out why she was having a memory block, along with having a new "face," and the second was spent running from people while she was slowly recovering her memories. There wasn't any character build up in regards to the chemistry and intensity that Mrs. Howard wanted us to believe between our two MC's. With very few lines of dialogue and next to nothing for interaction between them, how are we suppose to believe in the love and attraction they instantly felt after not seeing each other for three years.

I didn't feel any of it, nor was it believable to me. I could not connect with either character, and I didn't find myself too interested in the danger they were facing.

The ending and epilogue fell flat. When the dialogue and interaction did finally come it was rushed, and still I was unable to connect. I however will still read her books, even though this one didn't work for me, as I said earlier I love her writing style. In the past, I have really enjoyed her previous books.

Also, I am only one person so please don't let my opinion stop you from reading this book. Everyone has different reading taste, and this book may work perfectly for you. I was provided with this book from the publisher for free via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review, thank you! View all 13 comments. That's what they say, right? And you never do! Linda Howard was my first romance ever.

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I was 17, a bookworm teenager and I've read all the classics. And then a friend gave me this book and said: "Hey, stop with all this heavy stuff, here take some break". It was Now You See Her and my initiation began. I never looked back!!!!!!!!! The First Lady murders her husband, the Presideago The First Lady murders her husband, the President, after getting evidence that he was cheating on her with her own and married with a Senator sister.

A Secret Service Agent takes her out but not before she manages to kill one and seriously injure another. Something had happened to her, something catastrophic and maybe even sinister, though she had no evidence of the latter. Instead she seemed to have been set adrift in a new life, and left to her own devices. Not pale, or red-eyed, but different, as in that-is-not-my-face different. She knows things she shouldn't burner phones, bugs, etc One thing she is certain? THEY must not find out. But what and who are they?

And who is the mysterious Mr. X who she can't get out of her head? After watching her for more than 3 years he is sure that she remembers.

A black op guy, he trusts only his gut. But he will be there for here, he always is.

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He was looking for her and she was looking for him, but walls and doors got in the way. He always did. Every day they are listening and they are ready. They will do anything to keep the secret. Linda Howard has an amazing talent of creating a palpable attraction between her heroes. I like her style of presenting us with these "grey" characters, it makes reading about them interesting and so deliciously frustrating.

This book delivers the usual trifecta. Nail biting action, mystery, conspiracies and the expected sensuality of a Linda Howard novel.

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Way better than her latest books, but I was looking for a more spectacular ending which seemed a little too easy and anti-climatic after all the information thrown at us. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed reading it and I highly recommend it to all romantic suspense fans. View all 20 comments. Key spoilers are hidden.

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Shadow Woman fell a bit flat for me, but there are some excellent bits, and Xavier and Lizzy brought to mind some of my favorite characters from Howard's stock. I will start with what I see as weak points, then move to the good stuff, and finally to the cross-book character comparisons. If it weren't for that single scen Key spoilers are hidden. And I kinda did. At first, I was interested and absorbed, trying to figure out what happened to Lizzy, but Howard wrote the most opaque prologue imaginable, making it nearly impossible to decipher the back-story.

However, I enjoyed trying, and I got some parts right! It's fairly slow at first. Jolly good! I loved Lizzy's intelligent assessment of each new situation. However, all too soon, the pace slowed down to a crawl again, with too much time devoted to Lizzy's desperate flight into Virginia on dusty roads under a summer sun. The details of eating and peeing and shopping went on too long, even though I enjoyed the various means of transportation Lizzy used to escape. One character surprised me. And there were some fun scenes, like when Lizzy vandalizes Xavier's motorcycle, thinking he's out to kill her.

He is proud of her, cuz she's fighting back echoes of Death Angel. Loved the dialogue with his crew, when he called in for a tow truck: "I need a tow for the Harley. Fuck, I'm in love. She's mine. Throughout the book, Xavier was in Lizzy's court, even though he couldn't be with her. He was protective, passionate, and tender.

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At one point Luzzy was feeling sad:. I liked your face before, and I like it now.